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- Founder & CEO of TIN Holdings

Dear clients and partners,

TIN Holdings is a pioneering and large-scale company in providing comprehensive business support solutions in Vietnam. We are currently offering the following solutions:

  1. Business management consulting
  2. Legal services
  3. Accounting and tax services
  4. Administrative and human resources services
  5. Translation and visa services
  6. Office solutions

Founded in 2012, we now own the 7-story TIN Holdings building located at 399 Nguyen Kiem, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, and branch offices with over 100 full-time employees.

TIN Holdings was founded with the mission to help businesses become more efficient, professional, and sustainably developed. Our vision is to lead in providing business support solutions in Vietnam through continuous improvement, technology integration, and focusing on human values to deliver fast, flexible, and reliable services.

Currently, we own the brands TIN Holdings, Viet Uy Tin, and TinLaw to complete the comprehensive business support ecosystem.

As a provider of professional solutions and services for businesses, we understand the importance of TRUST and KINDNESS in delivering service experiences to our customers. Therefore, TIN Holdings always commits to service standards:

+ Fast: Fast in consulting support, response, and service processing.

+ Flexible: Flexible in offering solutions, problem-solving approaches, and resource coordination to meet all customer needs with the highest efficiency.

+ Reliable: We build solid trust with in-depth knowledge, focusing on integrity and kindness, always showing customers that TIN Holdings is a trustworthy expert in our field.

We continually strive to improve, bringing the best values to our customers/partners. Your satisfaction is the compass and motivation for TIN Holdings to strive and excel.

With over 10 years of formation and development, we affirm and commit to strive and rise to become a comprehensively strong business. Besides, we bring practical values and benefits to our customers and partners and contribute many achievements to the country’s development.



xây dựng hệ thống

Business management consulting

Consulting on building systems, missions, visions, strategies, core values, and systematic corporate culture.

pháp lý doanh nghiệp

Legal services

Providing legal consultation for businesses and investments - Assisting in resolving legal difficulties during business operations.

Kế toán - Thuế

Accounting and tax services

Offering comprehensive accounting services, tax consultation, and support in establishing a professional Accounting department for businesses.

Giải pháp nhân sự

Administrative & HR services

Providing administrative and human resources services such as recruitment, social insurance support, staff training &payroll, etc.

Icon dịch thuật visa

Translation and visa services

Providing notarized translation and interpretation services in more than 50 languages, immigration visa services, and permits for foreigners.

Cho thuê văn phòng

Office solutions

Providing full office rental services, shared offices at TIN Holdings building (Various scales - Full amenities - Central location).


We wish for businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam, to operate more efficiently, professionally, and sustainably, creating a strong business community, contributing to improving the livelihoods of workers, and developing the country. We value Trust and Kindness in business. We continuously innovate, integrate technology, and focus on human values to deliver fast, flexible, and reliable solutions.

Tầm nhìn


To help businesses become more efficient, professional, and sustainably developed.
Sứ mệnh


By 2032, TIN Holdings aims to become a leading company in providing comprehensive business support solutions in Vietnam with a scale of:
1. An average annual revenue growth of 25%
2. At least 3 domestic offices and 1 international office with more than 200 full-time employees
3. Achieve certification for the best working environment
Ảnh tòa nhà TINHoldings
TIN Holdings building headquarters


On the journey towards sustainable development, TIN Holdings always adheres to its core values:

NICER – Friendly and kind-hearted

Our reputation is built on credibility, the trust of our customers, and integrity is considered as our second life at TIN, a crucial element, an inevitable value, and a compass in our daily business activities.

We always respect our commitments, strictly keep promises, and are unequivocal with our customers, partners, and our colleagues.

The value of Kindness at TIN Holdings is encompassed in both thought and action. We provide kind services to customers and the community. The company is kind to its employees, and employees are kind to the company and each other. And we are kind to the work we do.

Compliance is a part of showing the “Trust” of a person, which is demonstrated by voluntarily and seriously adhering to the agreed common standards and rules within the group.

At TIN Holdings, besides having a good attitude and standard, your value is determined based on the results you produce during your work.

The culture of Results is being strongly disseminated at TIN Holdings as a motivation for employees to contribute and create outstanding values for themselves, the company, and customers.

Every individual, from leaders, managers to employees at TIN Holdings, is always determined to learn and update the latest knowledge to improve and develop themselves specifically, and the company in general.

Friendly and Supportive Culture

Working at TIN’s home, all employees, from leadership, management, employees, and even newcomers always feel a very friendly, sincere, joyful, cohesive environment and are supported.

The friendly and supportive culture is demonstrated in:

  • Positive and optimistic attitude
  • Respect
  • Support and knowledge sharing
  • Cooperation and teamwork
  • Encouragement and recognition
  • Fair treatment and sharing of success
  • Good colleague relations
  • Constructive, positive conflict resolution


TIN Holdings has achieved impressive achievements and has been continuously honored by reputable organizations for years


2012 - Viet Uy Tin
Viet Uy Tin, the precursor and also a subsidiary of TIN Holdings Joint Stock Company, specializes in providing leading administrative - human resources solutions in Vietnam such as: human resources services, notarized translation, specialized translation, consular legalization, Visa for entry/exit Vietnam, etc.
2013 - Hanoi Office
Establishing the first branch office after 01 year of operation was a significant step for Viet Uy Tin to better support customers in the Hanoi capital area.
2017 - TIN Holdings
TIN Holdings was established with the mission to help businesses become more efficient, professional, and sustainably developed.
2017 - TinLaw
TinLaw Consulting Company Limited, a subsidiary of TIN Holdings Joint Stock Company, was established based on the development orientation of the parent company within the ecosystem supporting legal consultancy and accounting - tax services for businesses in Vietnam.
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