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TIN Holdings is pleased to support the ‘Illuminate Phum Soc’ project in An Cu commune

TIN Holdings vui mừng cùng hỗ trợ dự án "Thắp sáng phum sóc xã An Cư”

On February 3, 2024, the Foreign Service and International Conference Center, along with TIN Holdings Corporation and various philanthropists, collaborated to organize the inauguration ceremony of the “Illuminate Phum Soc” project in An Cu commune, Chau Thanh district, An Giang province.

Lễ khánh thành dự án “Thắp sáng Phum Sóc xã An Cư”

TIN Holdings is pleased to support the ‘Illuminate Phum Soc’ project in An Cu commune

This project has brought significant benefits to the community in An Cu commune. Thanks to the improvement of the public lighting system, scholarships have been handed directly to students in the area, providing them with support to go to school.

Through material and technical support, the ‘Illuminate Phum Soc’ project has created more favorable conditions for students in their studies and enhanced security and safety of transportation for the local community, helping the Khmer ethnic minority people in An Cu commune to celebrate the Lunar New Year with more excitement.

29 phần học bổng được trao đến các em học sinh nghèo học giỏi, vượt khó

29 scholarships have been awarded to excellent, underprivileged students who have overcome difficulties

The inauguration event of the project has attracted the participation of numerous philanthropists and representatives from local authorities. Everyone shares the joy and happiness when witnessing the positive changes that the project has brought to the community.

Nhà hảo tâm đồng hành thắp sáng xã An Cư

hilanthropist accompanies in illuminating An Cu community

Representatives of philanthropists have contributed a sum of 110,000,000 VND to support the implementation of the ‘Illuminate Phum Soc’ project in An Cu commune, Chau Thanh district, An Giang province. This amount has been utilized to purchase necessary equipment and materials, as well as cover transportation and installation costs, ensuring the successful implementation of the project and maximizing benefits for the local community.

Thư cảm ơn từ Ủy Ban MTTQVN xã Tịnh Biên

Letter of appreciation from the Tinh Bien Commune Fatherland Front Committee

This meaningful initiative by TIN Holdings serves as a clear testament to our commitment to contributing to social development and supporting the community. We hope that the ‘Illuminate Phum Soc’ project will bring about positive and sustainable changes in the lives of the people in An Cu commune.

Please continue to follow our activities on TIN Holdings’ social media channels to stay updated on upcoming projects and events. We are committed to continuously striving and contributing positively to promote sustainable development and social integration within the community.

Best regards!