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Workshop #3: Mission Statement & Business Strategy

Workshop #3: Tuyên ngôn & chiến lược doanh nghiệp

Concluding the series of three workshops on the theme: “Mission Statement & Business Strategy”. The sharing session by CEO Mr. Nguyen Van Khai on knowledge and experience is currently being practically implemented at TIN Holdings.

A journey of knowledge has concluded, leaving profound impressions in the minds of business owners and CEOs at the BNI Master Chapter. Three emotionally charged and invaluable experience-sharing sessions have opened a new door, where creative ideas and business strategies are discussed and shared sincerely.

The session wasn’t just about theory but also included practical experience shares, the journey of building and developing TIN Holdings. Stories of success, failures, sources of motivation, and valuable lessons were shared for everyone to learn from in their own business-building journey.

Workshop #2: Hoạch định Chiến lược và Thiết lập Mục tiêu

Workshop #2: Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

Alongside this were suitable tools that can be applied to businesses. Helping every business to optimize and capture the methods for building sustainable organizations and businesses.

Cảm ơn các CEO/Chủ doanh nghiệp đã tham gia hoạt động sôi nổi trong buổi workshop

Thank you to the CEOs/Business owners for actively participating in the workshop

The success of this workshop wouldn’t have been possible without the presence and enthusiastic participation of more than 20 CEOs and Business Owners. TIN Holdings sincerely thanks and wishes health and success to all participants. Stay tuned for more exciting events to come in 2024!